Angels – Both Seen and Unseen

My heart is often drawn to the idea of angels and I love studying about the concept of getting help from the other side of the veil. There have been many recent events in my life where I could feel the presence of unseen beings in my life who had been sent to rescue me and give me courage. I think many of these experiences are often with individuals whom I have done family history work or temple work for, and I do believe that one of the many blessings we receive for doing temple work is the added support and help of those individuals throughout the remainder of our lives. I literally feel like I have an army with me all the time.

Recently in my life, my thoughts have been turned to the concept of angels who are present in our lives. I have been absolutely humbled at the amount of friends, co-workers, ward members, and family members who have rushed to my side to support me in the growing process I am undergoing. I thank my Heavenly Father multiple times a day for the blessings I receive and the prayers he answers through the people in my life.

I can’t even describe how many phone calls, messages, emails, and letters I have received from people – some I haven’t heard from in years – telling me how much they love and look up to me. It’s been humbling, and also miraculous. Through various experiences in my life, I’ve always loved and lived the concept of Pay it Forward. There were many people who blessed my family’s life when I was growing up (specifically through the time period when my dad was unemployed) and I remember one woman teaching me the concept of paying it forward. There are times in our lives when we are able to bless and serve someone else, without expecting something in return, because of our current situation. Quite honestly, it’s been a hard pill to swallow as I’ve watched friends rushing to my side to serve me, all the while I’m saying, “I’m really just fine.” But the Lord often whispers in my ear, “Let them serve you.”

I have been healed in more ways than I can count because of the blessing of friends who won’t take no for an answer and are quick to serve where it is needed without me even asking. Friends who let me cry on their shoulders, make me laugh at their jokes, take me on trips, lend me a listening ear, write me words of encouragement, give me tea when I am sick, make me dinner, do my dishes, clean and show my house, play with my dogs, do my laundry, take me out to eat, invite me to parties, run my errands, mail packages for me, and most importantly – just encourage and uplift me when I am down.

The past few days have seemed a little heavy – there have been a lot of blessings and a lot of struggles that I’m encountering in my current situation. This morning I dropped to my knees and honestly pleaded with my Heavenly Father to give me strength to face the load I was carrying. He knows how weighed down I have been and I proceeded to tell him everything – my doubts, my fears, my struggles, my hopes and dreams. We have this conversation on a daily basis because it helps me to feel just how close He really is. Today I asked for an increase in angels in my day that I might find more happiness and let go of the things that are weighing me down. Throughout the day, almost like clockwork, angel after angel was sent into my life. I had coworkers coming to come check on me, to give me hugs, to express their concern, to tell me they loved me, and to offer me a place to stay, food to eat and a friend if I needed one. I was once again – extremely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from all the incredible people I have had the opportunity to serve in the past year. I even had a coworker bring me a late Easter gift (totally unexpected) and it was President Monson’s book, The Future is as Bright as your Faith. She is unaware of my situation, but absolutely inspired to get me this. To build on the amount of love from coworkers I was receiving, I had even more people texting me and notes left at my house as the day went on. One by one I thanked the Lord for once again, answering my simple prayers. He could have sent me one small miracle and I would have been grateful. But instead, He fulfilled his promise about pouring out blessings that there are not room enough to receive them.

I know that the Lord answers prayers, no matter how simple they are. I know that He looks down on his struggling children and puts his arms around us if we let Him. Every day I see tender mercies that the Lord puts in my path as a way of saying, don’t forget I love you. I am so grateful for the angels in my life – both seen and unseen, who constantly are an answer to unknown prayers and who are slowly putting me back together, piece by piece.

“God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other.” –Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball

kula-currency-of-giving-quote-4 (1)

Keep smiling,



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