Healing with Music

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Music has always been a very important part of my life. My parents are both very musical, especially my mom, and they always made sure that it was an integral part of our family life. Throughout the past few years, music has often comforted my broken heart, or healed my gaping wounds. There have been many Sundays I went to church seeking answers and comfort, only to find them through the music notes on the pages I sang from. Uplifting music literally has a higher frequency that raises the vibration of our spirits and puts us in a higher state. These higher vibrations and frequencies open our minds and hearts to clearer communication with God and help to “tune our spirits” into the language of love and peace that He speaks to us through.

Growing up I discovered my deep passion for jazz music, and then oldies (thanks mom) but probably what stuck the most with me was my farm girl roots that clung to that good old country music (thanks dad). Country songs are just honest – open about feelings, events, good times, bad times, and the in-between. It seems that no matter what stage of life I’m in or what I’m going through, there has already been a country song written about it.

It wasn’t until my trip to Bryce Canyon a few months back that I discovered I hadn’t turned on my car radio in months, or even listened to music, or sung. And that’s a pretty big deal for me. Part of that is because I kept everything quiet, even my feelings. I also kept my environment quiet so I could communicate with God and hear his directions through the trials I was going through. But I also turned it off because I felt that everything was going dark in my life – not how I had planned – and I was secretly mourning deep within my soul.

Then in March, there were a few times within just a week or two where I was driving with friends and they would crank up the stereo and we would sing at the top of our lungs. This was a new experience for me – something I hadn’t done in a very long time. And strangely it made me feel better. I felt like I was once again able to let go, express myself, be me … and be FREE! So I decided to go to work at creating a playlist of songs that made me feel better. Songs that empowered me, encouraged me and reminded me that I am me and nobody can take that away from me – no matter how hard they try.

I am proud to say that music is back in my life, stronger than ever … and I LOVE it. I turn on my radio. I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for. I listen to it as loud as I want. I sing at the top of my lungs. And you better believe I dance the entire time I’m driving down I-15. People probably change lanes because they think I’m some kind of weirdo. Maybe they’re right. But in all honestly, music is healing. It makes me feel better. It makes my heart sing and allows my soul to take flight.


Today, more than ever before, music speaks to my soul. It brings messages of healing, hope, peace, and love. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll never give up my country music and I still get teased at work for always changing the gym radio to the country station – but lately I’ve been listening to more inspirational songs that have helped me to overcome my sadness at times and keep an eternal perspective about the things happening in my life. I now have a list of about 4 hours of non-stop goodness that I listen to when I run, get ready, clean, dance, drive, etc. Most of them are fun, empowering, crazy kind of “let go” songs…but these are a few that have a deep message and often make me cry. They’re beautiful, so you should probably listen to every single one of them.

I Am Who I Am

You Are Loved

How You Live

There Is A God

Heal the Wound

I Hope You Dance

Beautiful Heartbreak

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

He’ll Carry You

One By One

Dancing in the Rain


Humble and Kind

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Keep Smiling,



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