I Am Statements


We are our biggest critics and the co-creators of our own lives and destinies. With that power comes a great responsibility to take charge of our thoughts and decide who it is we want to become. Too often our beliefs about ourselves stem from the words of others that we allow to influence our mind; and we then begin believing that that is who we really are. But as we take charge of our lives, we must learn to re-program our thoughts by keeping them positive, strong and uplifting – thus shaping our beliefs and actions and making something out of ourselves. Once aware of the power we have to make our own choices, we can take action to break the cycle of negative self-talk (created by ourselves or others) and replace those limiting beliefs with truth.

Our society is flowing with negative energy and the adversary is attacking our identities from every angle. We are taught at a young age that “I am a child of God” but as life goes on, too often we replace that powerful “I am” statement with other negative beliefs such as “I am not good enough, I am not pretty, I am too short, I am fat, I am not popular, I am unloved, I am not smart” … and these statements go to work shaping our reality by pushing us further from the truth, thus weakening our connection with our Heavenly Father.

I came across this on a blog a few weeks back, and loved the way the author put it: “Have you ever really thought about the power of the words “I am”? Even deeper, do you consciously realize the subconscious “I am” statements that you are holding about yourself? Think about that for a moment … be honest with yourself. What do YOU think of YOURSELF? What are you saying about who you are on a daily basis?”

As children of God we deserve the absolute best in our lives. We are created in His image and are beautiful inside and out. I am often saddened by the amount of negative self-talk and criticism I hear from others about themselves. I used to be very guilty of being quick to deny or turn down compliments given to me. Little did I know that I was making my spirit weaker by denying these and allowing Satan to take a stab into my divine identity. Though it is hard at times, I am working on accepting compliments and allowing them to resonate in my spirit. Our bodies become stronger both spiritually and physically when we allow truth in and let it become part of who we are. Every thought we ever allow into our minds is literally encoded in our cells and intertwined with our intelligences. It is our responsibility to filter the truth from the lies and to release any negative thoughts from our spirits that are weakening us. When we change our internal self-talk, we change our external circumstances.

Once you begin to implement the power of “I AM” statements into your life, you will see your life transforming on levels you never imagined. Your goal is to dig deep and find negative “I AM” statements and beliefs that you are holding about yourself and allowing to define your identity. How often do you stop to think what kind of life you’re creating with the words you think and speak?

I am quick to notice when I feel “off” and I immediately examine my thoughts and “take out the trash” by replacing any negative thoughts of myself with positive “I AM” statements. As a child of God, I know who I am and do not allow the adversary or anyone else around me to tell me any less. When I feel the adversary hitting my identity and start feeling down about myself, I will grab a pen and paper and write down some “I AM” statements to quickly replace the negative thoughts I’m having. I often carrying these statements with me, put them on my phone screen, car dashboard, or bathroom mirror so I can review them often until they become a part of me.

If you’ve never written down “I AM” statements about yourself, I recommend sitting down for 1 minute and writing down every “I AM” statement about yourself that is true, beautiful and positive. You will be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself once you have finished. Here are some statements I often write down or say out loud to myself:

I am a daughter of God.

I am beautiful.

I am happy.

I am loved.

I am a friend to everyone I see.

I am a disciple of Christ.

I am a healer.

I am strong.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

I am always following my promptings.

I am healthy.

I am organized.

I am disciplined.

I am in love with life.

I am capable.

I am patient.

I am creative.

I am fun.

I am faithful.

I am motivated.

I am protected.

I am passionate.

I am successful.

I am smart.

I am consistent.

I am obedient.

I am brave.

I am kind.

I am forgiving.

I am a good listener.

I am Kaitlyn Tanille Jacobson.


I encourage anyone reading this post to closely re-examine the thoughts they are holding deep within regarding themselves. Turn to the Lord in fasting and prayer and allow Him to expose the lies you are letting define you. I cannot even begin to tell you how much has changed within my life since I created the habit of letting negative talk go and replacing it with positive “I AM” statements. It happens all throughout the day now without me even realizing it – but my spirit has healed quickly and I feel myself growing closer and closer to my Heavenly Father because of the truths I am embracing about my eternal identity.

“You cannot overestimate the power in “I AM” statements. There is no limit to what you can do with it.” – Saint Germain


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