Mrs. Kunkel


After tossing quite a few wedding dates around and prayerfully taking them to the Lord, we settled on July 2nd. With only two weeks to plan, we pulled our resources together and went to work planning a wedding. The week leading up the wedding was busy, but Skyler and I both felt an immense amount of peace. Never once did either of us question, get nervous, or second guess our decision to marry. In just a few short weeks we had seen miracle after miracle fall into place enabling everything that needed to happen, to happen in such a short time span. Though my patience and faith had been put through the refiner’s fire for many years and months leading up to this, suddenly it was as though the red sea had parted. Everywhere we turned we saw miracles taking place. Looking back I am still in awe of the series of events that took place. Throughout the process I kept wondering what God was up to … when the trial was going to come, what the next big brick wall would be … but there never was one. I was humbled, truly humbled, to see everything coming together so effortlessly. I suppose it is because of the way things took place that we never questioned or doubted our decision. I was being led by God so clearly and I felt nothing but peace and assurance that He was in the details.

The morning of the wedding I knelt at my bedside in gratitude. I thanked God for everything. I could not believe that I had made it this far in such a short amount of time. I also prayed for a beautiful day, for everything to go smoothly, for safe travel, good weather, etc. , all the small details I was a little worried about. I suddenly felt an immense warmth and love that encircled me and I had a message come to mind that said to not worry, everything would be all that I ever wanted and more. Emotions were very near the surface as the day went on. Everything did go better than planned. I had a lot of very neat things happen before, during and after the sealing in the temple, and I once again saw miracle after miracle as the day unfolded.


Skyler and I both look back on July 2nd as the happiest day of our lives. God was very present that day!  We could feel His blessings and trust in us as we were obedient to His direction and the strong promptings we had been following over the course of the past few months. The wedding was perfect! Everything about it. I still can’t believe how perfect it was. We spent the next few days writing down every miracle, detail by detail, in our journal so we never would forget the many miracles that had taken place to bring us together for time and for all eternity.

I do not know all that God has in store for us Kunkels, but I do know that this marriage was designed by God. When I look back to a few months ago, my life was dark. I felt as though all the doors had been locked and the windows bolted shut. But our trials always make sense in hindsight when we are able to look back and see God’s hand directing us in a new direction. I pray that all of us never forget that God is in the details. He never leaves us alone. He has all the power in the world, but often leaves the learning and growing up to us. There will be dark times when we feel alone or scared, but those will truly seem but a small moment when we later experience the blessings that He is willing to grant us through our obedience and faithfulness. God is good.


Keep Smiling,



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