Blessings From Above


Life has been a whirlwind the past few months and though I’ve written a lot of posts for this blog, I never published them because I didn’t feel they were ready. So here are a lot of delayed posts that I never took the time to publish. I think it’s still important to put them on here because so many blessings and miracles have occurred in my life in such a short time span. The Lord was anxious to bless me and once I allowed Him to work on His timing, everything fell into place quite rapidly.

1st week of June:

Last week I wrote the final page in the chapter I’ve been living in and was able to move on. I closed on my house, signed the final documents, and drove away. There was a lot more emotion that came out through this process than I had anticipated. After closing, I drove back to what had been my own home for so many years, left the keys on the counter, and knelt down in prayer. I thanked God for the shelter it had provided, the learning and growing I had undergone while living here, and prayed that it would be a blessing to the family moving in. I shut the door, pulled away, and the tears would not stop. I could almost see the last page of that chapter as it turned, never to be re-read again.

A day later Skyler and I loaded up my car and headed the 9+ hours home to Washington. I felt worn both physically, emotionally, and mentally from the roller coaster I’d been riding the past few weeks and it was good to have to sit still, and just talk and laugh with my best friend. We spent a few days with my family – all the while I felt myself healing inside. I watched Skyler rolling up his sleeves, spending time with my family, serving them, helping around the house, and reaching out to every new friend and family member he met.Everyone that met him loved him, and it made my heart happy to see how many people whom I love were also falling in love with this wonderful man.

After some time in Kennewick, we headed to Olympia to spend time with Skyler’s side of the family I hadn’t met yet. I was impressed with each of them and loved the time we had to visit, get to know each other, and work along side them. They are all very incredible, kind, and loving people – and it was fun to see where Skyler gets a lot of his personality traits from.

While in Olympia we took a day trip to Seattle to visit Skyler’s sister. We were supposed to meet up with her to eat lunch at her favorite restaurant on the beach – but that ended up being a trick to get me there. Skyler ended up getting down on one knee and telling me that he loved me, that he’d never met anyone like me, and that he wanted to be mine forever. Though we have already talked about marriage, having a ring on my finger sealed the deal. I felt more walls come down and my heart was overwhelmed with excitement for the big step we were taking and the new chapter that had begun. Suddenly everything became real.

I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love this man. He is everything I’ve ever dreamed of times one million. Every day my heart heals, my smile brightens and my soul rejoices in the person I am because of him and how he treats me. He constantly builds me up, serves me, compliments me, is patient with me, and makes everything so much more fun than it ever was before. Saying yes is a big commitment – but I’ve finally reached a point where I wouldn’t want to go any other direction but forward, hand-in-hand with my best friend.

Heavenly Father has blessed me with more than I ever felt deserving of. He constantly humbles me with the things He has given me and the path he has laid out before me. I’ve grown into someone that I never thought possible in only a few short months because of the healing power he has given me and the constantly love He has shown me through his outpouring of blessings in my life.

Keep smiling,



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