Capturing the Light

09714832664188d9294f26ebd12b63c1Today is my 28th birthday, which means the commencement of my newly focused year: a year of contentment. Already I have come across so many incredible concepts building my understanding and growth on this character trait, and I’m excited at the thought of all I will uncover and learn through the next 12 months.

As part of this year’s focus, I have been inspired to begin a new project. It took a lot of piecing together to make sense of it, as the instructions and revelation have come for it a little at a time over the past few weeks, but here we are and I am excited to start! For the next 12 months I will be taking ONE photo every day to record for 365 days, a new type of journal using photography and simple captions to help me remember special moments throughout the next year. When pondering this project, the title became very clear as I read the words out loud in a photography article I was reading: Photography is the Art of Capturing Light.

I asked the Lord if this project was really worth my time – it seemed somewhat silly, taking a picture every day for a year, spending a few moments journaling a caption for the picture and documenting my life through the lens of my camera (along with my personal journal of course). I asked, ‘What will become of my 365 project? What’s the point?’ and the answer was clear, ‘It’s not so much what will become of your journals, but what you will become in the process of creating them.’ I’ve pondered that answer many times since receiving it and each time I do, it makes more and more sense to me.

As I begin a focus on finding more joy in my day to day life and truly establishing a heart of contentment – regardless of my surroundings or circumstances – the Lord has inspired me to focus on finding and capturing the LIGHT in my life. I live in a world of absolute joy and beauty – a beautiful family, beautiful blessings, wonderful friends, nature, so many inspiring teachers, and so much more – and yet I struggle at times to really see them as the blessings that they are. Instead, I often find myself dwelling on the future, or what more I need to be happy. So this inspired project has been assigned to me to help me look at the simple, ordinary moments and to more clearly see the LIGHT in my life that brings so much joy to me if I only choose to focus on it. It’s to help me become the Zion individual I am striving for – and it starts with changing my mindset and outlook on life.


Christ is the ultimate source of light in my life, and He is the reason I have been blessed immeasurably. I know that this project might sound silly to some – but He has shared a lot of depth to me of all that will come if I choose to stick to it and change some of my views. This is also a solution to something I have been stewing about since preparing to have baby #2 which was how to capture moments of our lives and journal them (one of my favorite things to do) all while staying present and not being on my phone too-much. This project allows me to choose ONE photo to take that I want to remember, and to simply enjoy the rest of the day without being on my phone. This photo has to have some sort of meaning, and the Spirit is already working on me to help me change my views and perceptions in how I choose what to remember each day. It will be similar to a gratitude journal, but instead, a contentment journal. Besides recognizing my blessings for what they truly are, I will concurrently brush up on photography skills at the same time.

So, here’s to a year of contentment, a new year of life, a lot of growth, a shift of focus and intention, and many beautiful light-filled moments worth capturing.


Keep smiling,


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