398681_10150653024758109_1635721895_nThrough this short, mortal life, each of us are given experiences to help us grow, progress, and in turn bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. Our ultimate desire is to become like Him, thus we are given individually tailored trials to strengthen our weaknesses so that in time, we too can become perfect. My story is not any more remarkable that your story. Each of us are given our own mountains to climb to teach us more about ourselves and to help us discover our divine identity within our souls. I hope you find healing, hope and added measures of faith as you read through my thoughts, impressions and insights that the Lord has asked me to share. Energy work has not only become part of me, but I believe it is a divine gift and mission that I have been blessed with to help heal others and bring them closer to our loving Father in Heaven. I am living proof of the love our Heavenly Father has for each of us and the personal relationship and interest He has in our lives, our happiness, and our progression. As you read my story below, I pray that the spirit will testify its truthfulness and also the power that YOU have within yourself to also unlock the blessings and healing powers that God so anxiously wants to give you. He can heal your sorrows and help you to move forward, taking life as it comes and welcoming all God has planned to make you a better person.


I graduated from Brigham Young University with my degree in Exercise Science. As a senior in high school, making the decision on what major I would study in college was really difficult. I have wide spread passions that spread from mathematics and astronomy to dance and food science. As college approached, after much prayer and pondering, I felt that Exercise Science was where I needed to study. Through the next five years, I discovered a passion I never knew existed within me. I discovered the magnificent human anatomy and physiology that made me who I am. My body was my text book and as I learned about deep processes I got so excited because it all made sense and helped me appreciate my body and spirit. My freshman year of college I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a genetic disease that at the time was very rare. I found my knowledge expanding even more as I had to teach myself what foods I could and couldn’t eat and how to nurse my sick body back to health. Through the next 6 years, more and more passions unveiled themselves. I became obsessed with cooking and getting creative with my clean eating meals. I started teaching fitness classes, Personal Training, and working as a Corporate Health & Fitness Specialist. I fell in love with this position because it incorporated all of my passions into one job: helping people to find their best self, thus enabling them to enjoy the best life they could imagine.

As I began working in the Corporate Wellness world, I started noticing an underlying issue with hundreds and hundreds of my clients. Each of them were experiencing noticeable physical aliments and limitations that worsened or manifested themselves as situations, relationships, or experiences in their lives began to fall apart or take turns for the worse. Though I was still doing a lot of meal coaching and personal training, I found that 90% of my time was being spent listening to these wonderful people who came to me in search of answers.

As the oldest of six children, and the only girl, I’ve always been the “mothering” type. I want to heal everyone I came in contact with and make everything better. No matter what stage I’ve been in life, I was always the friend everyone came to with their problems. I listened and sometimes offered advice, but mostly just encouraged them and cheered them on when life was difficult. Amidst all the helping, unbeknownst to me, I was stuffing and literally hiding from my own emotions and hardships in life. I found myself focusing on everyone and their problems, going to great lengths to help them and feeling extremely fatigued when I realized I couldn’t solve every thing. But little did I know that all the focus outward, was causing a lot of problems inwardly. I was neglecting my own soul. I was ignoring my own problems. I was giving all my personal power to these individuals, tirelessly trying to help them, instead of understanding the role that Christ should have been playing in their lives.

As I started to turn to my Savior, pleading for an answer on how to heal myself, and others, I started finding little answers here and there that in time led me down the road I am on today. I was introduced to energy work – and became very skeptical at first. I was familiar with physical and nutritional healing because I could SEE the results, but believing in energy work scared me because I could not see it. Feeling very strong impressions to try it, I started seeing a lady who I now know the Lord led me to as an answer to many, many prayers. Over the course of 3 sessions, my allergies disappeared. I had struggled with eating gluten, lactose, soy, and sugar for many years – to the point where I often ended up in hospitals, writhing and screaming in pain. I had to go to great lengths, as did those around me, to make sure there was healthy food I could eat that wasn’t contaminated and that would make me sick. Though these years were trying, I never saw it as a burden nor a trial to be released from. It was during these sessions that the Lord introduced me to a whole new world and level of healing – a world that involved healing on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. As I started to understand the role that emotions play in our health, along with personal power, healthy boundaries, and understanding the power of the Atonement on a deeper level, I started to make changes in my life that changed my thought patterns, and thus, my reality. I was literally “stomaching” my problems, along with the problems of others, and it was causing a lot of physical ailments. Soon my allergies, my pain, and the “heaviness” that I had been carrying around with me for years, were gone. I gradually started to understand the power of thoughts and how thoughts do determine our destiny.

Because of this miracle that took place in my life – I started to look at all the physical problems around me – allergies, injuries, chest pains, fibromyalgia, infertility, blood pressure problems, asthma, anxiety, depression, etc. – very differently. I began reading anything and everything I could get my hands on and diving deeper and deeper into scriptural accounts about faith and healing. The Lord was very present in my life and was constantly teaching me as I went. I soon discovered that everything is created spiritually before it is created physically, including all our illnesses. I continued to pray for help to develop this gift, and was led to many different classes and programs that constantly taught me more and more and more. The Lord taught and helped me to practice on my own illnesses, allowing me to not only see firsthand the power of healing in my life, but also to strengthen my faith firsthand. I was able to re-align my spine and heal my scoliosis, restore infertility that I had been struggling with, erase my daily headaches, heal my weak ankles, among other issues that would come up here and there. Soon I was healing many members of my family and friends by helping them to understand the root problems of their physical ailments and helping them turn their heavy loads over to the Savior for safe keeping.

It was about a year after all this started when I underwent a rough divorce. At the time, this was the hardest thing I had ever experienced, and with it came a wide array of emotions and heartache. I continued to keep the Lord close, and used the many things He had taught me about energy work and emotions to keep my testimony strong, and be able to press forward in faith instead of being paralyzed by the situation. Because of the relationship I had built on my Savior, I was often very calm in the midst of chaos. I was indeed grateful for the many experiences leading up to this time where I had been delivered, healed, and blessed.

I started this website soon after my divorce after receiving a very strong prompting that my challenges at the time would be used later on to help heal others from their trials. Though I am no talented writer, the Lord has helped me to know what I need to write about and share on this website. I thought about taking down some of my earlier posts that talked about my dating and marrying Skyler, the greatest blessing God has ever given me, but I felt very strongly to leave it up because it is part of my story. It has helped shaped who I am today.

The name of this website came very clearly one day, when I was praying about what to call it. I had been doing a lot of energy work on myself with a dear friend because I was struggling with a lot of health ailments once again. My allergies were returning, along with other physical problems. As we worked on me, I found an underlying problem to all my issues . . . I was trying to move forward, but I was too busy looking back into the past. I was focused on the pain I had experienced, the sadness, the heartache, and was victimizing myself from some traumatic experiences I had while being married before. Much like Lot’s wife in the Bible, I was so focused on my past, that I was blind to the blessings God was trying to give me, and was preventing my own personal healing and growth. I had one foot pointed towards the future, but my other foot was spiritually pointing backwards towards my past – and it was causing an internal struggle of where to go and confusing me with what I was supposed to be doing at the present time. Thus, I was told to name this Both Feet Forward because no healing or progression can occur unless we are willing to “drop our nets, and follow Him” wholeheartedly.

Each physical trial we go through is there to teach us something. Every time I need help, the Savior shows me what I need to work on and what He needs me to do in order to prepare myself to further my progression and His work. If we are so focused on the past, “what ifs” or “I should have …” then He cannot use us to build His kingdom. Only the adversary will break us with thoughts from the past and taunt us with mistakes, inadequacies or regrets. The Atonement is real. It is powerful. It gives us the ability to heal from whatever it is we are going through, and to come out better than we were before.

Too often we let other’s take the reins to our own happiness (the adversary included) and lose the ability to stand in our own power. By giving up your personal power, you not only lose your confidence, but you lose sight of who you are and what your purpose is here in this life. By living in the here and now, we keep our personal power where it belongs. You can stay strong and push through when times are hard because the Savior will never, ever, leave you alone. As energy work has blessed my life, I pray that you will open your heart and let it bless yours. This is a sacred work that I believe God has given us to help us grow closer to Him and to teach us more of our divine missions here on earth. No matter what you have gone through, what emotions you have experienced, or pains that at times seem unbearable, God is there. He understands. He loves you. He wants you to come to Him, and to allow Him to make you whole. As you do this, not only will your personal relationship and faith in Him increase, but you too will discover your purpose, your passion and find an inner power to press on when times are hard. It’s never too late to start over and work towards a new you and a new life.

“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.” Barbara de Angelis