All Things Healthy

I am passionate about so many things because there is beauty and blessings all around us if we only stop and look. But if I had to narrow it down to 5 things that I am most passionate about, HEALTH would be towards the top of my list. Health affects everything else in our lives – our relationships, our mental attitutde and outlooks, our ability to process and handle stress, our thoughts, and most importantly – our spirituality.

President Spencer W. Kimball once said that God can’t take someone before their time is ready, but we ourselves can shorten our time before.

All around me I see too many people who have not made health a priority, and because of that choice, one of the many consequences they face is the inability to live up to and complete their fore-ordained missions here on Earth. Life is short, but we all come here with a specific purpose. I value my health and make it a priority because I want to make sure I live up to everything I commited to before coming here. I want to progress as much as possible. I want to be utilitized as much as possible by the Lord – I am His hands afterall and it is His breath that sustains me. I want to be a FUN mom, a happy wife – a friend who isn’t captive to the ups and downs of a healthy-unhealthy roller coaster. SO, Health is EVERYTHING!

I used to work fulltime sharing my passion for health with others. I then started my own business on the side, continuing to share my love and knowledge with others. But as I transitioned into motherhood, I realized that no-one was more important than my family, and that all of this knowledge, skills, and passions God had given me – were to bless them. They are my biggest beneficiaries! So I cut the cords with most of the world and continue to grow and bless my family – my greatest circle of influence – with my knowledge and ever-growing love of health.

However, because I believe that health is what keeps us from living our highest potential, connecting and knowing Jesus Christ on a very personal and intimate level, I have created a page here on my blog to share some things as they come and go in my life. My hope is that I will help you to plant some seeds and spark some interests in new ways of health, eating, exercise, and so many other areas of wellness that are often left unexplored.